Pterygoplichthys up close

Targeted Instruction Generating Excitement about Research and Science (TIGERS)

Our lab is engaging in hands-on, inquiry-based biology activities with the general biology classes at Valencia High School (Placentia, CA).  In collaboration with Rebecca Bonet, Leina Rizzo, and Linda Crossno. TIGERS forms the basis for our current outreach activities to increase scientific awareness and literacy in the community. Monthly, we go to VHS and do hands-on labs with the freshman and sophomore biology classes.  Most of our activities are on campus at VHS, but we also have field trips to the Back Bay Science Center and UCI.
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Alyssa Frederick (left), and Michelle Herrera (with Leyna Vo) share their research with TIGERS students.  Joe Heras Joe Heras
Kelly Ramin (Allison Lab) and Michelle Herrera lead students in discussion
Beck Beck
A friendly Horn Shark says hello! And, students examine plankton at the Back Bay Science Center Alyssa Alyssa
Rebecca Bonet (left) and Leina Rizzo (right).
Linda Crossno (left), and Dr. German, lecturing about polymers and digestion

Dr. Heras discusses genetics and bioinformatics (left), while Salvador Maldonado shares an enzyme assay (center), and Samantha Leigh discusses shark research!