Pterygoplichthys up close

Instruction and outreach

Winter Quarter 2020
I am teaching E136 Human Nutrition. Web access through Canvas is restricted to enrolled students.

E210 Foundations of Physiology
Nespolo et al. (2011) TREE (for week 2)
Other example papers from TREE:
Edwards et al. (2011)
Kinz and Hosken (2009)
Piersma and Drent (2003)

Lecture Videos for E210
10 January
17 January

TIGERS - Targeted Instruction Generating Excitement about Research and Science
See the TIGERS Page.

Crystal Cove Alliance Citizen Science Cruises
Our lab is collaborating with the Crystal Cove Conservancy with their Citizen Science Cruise program.  You can watch a video about them here.  We are engaged mostly with the digital fishing data collection and analysis.  Students (mostly junior and senior high school students) lower video cameras into the kelp forest and record in the canopy, mid level, and at the holdfast to observe which fish species are present in the different areas of the kelp forest.  They do this in Crystal Cove State Park (non-protected) and in the Laguna Beach Marine Protected Area.  The overall goal of this work is to evaluate the efficacy of the MPA in Laguna Beach as a refuge for kelp forest fish taxa, and to provide useful, long-term data for the five year adaptive review of the MPA in Laguna Beach.
Courses Taught at UCI
E109 Human Physiology (spring quarter)
E136 Human Nutrition (winter quarter)
E120 Marine Biology (spring quarter)
E208 Comparative Physiology (fall quarter)
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