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Spanning from the molecular to the whole-organism level, research in my laboratory is focused on the energy acquisition strategies of organisms.  In short, I am interested in how organisms make a living and the consequences of different energy acquisition strategies for ecosystem fluxes.  I largely work in the marine environment, but my students also work in terrestrial systems.  


May 2017: We have a lot of undergrads in the lab.  It, thus, means a lot for me to win the UCI Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research!  I am very happy about it.   We have six presentations at the UROP symposium on 20 May.  Check it out!

April 2017: We are happy to announce that Michelle Herrera will join the lab as a PhD student starting in fall 2017!  Michelle will continue her excellent work on prickleback transcriptomics and digestive biochemistry. 

March 2017: 
Congratulations to Samantha Leigh for winning a UCI Oceans Grant, and a fellowship to travel to FHL this summer to continue her exciting work on spiral intestines!  Congrats to Michelle Herrera for receiving an honorable mention on her NSF GRFP application!

December 2016: Our article describing a lesson plan on buoyancy and overfishing we use in our outreach activities is now published in American Biology Teacher. See the publications page. See you at SICB in January!

November 2016: Our paper on parrotfish nutritional ecology is now out in the Biological Journal of the Linnean SocietySee the publications page.

September 2016: Our paper on mussel nutritional physiology is now out in Biology OpenSee the publications page.  This paper is not only important scientifically, but features three former UC President's/Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellows as authors (Connor, Garcia, and German). And, the hits keep coming: Alyssa Frederick was awarded an Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation Scholar Award!  This provides a nice financial boost for our high-achieving grad student!  All of the German Lab students rock!
These are the recent news stories.  Check out the "People" page for links to each person's personal page, which will have more individual news.

We are always recruiting graduate students. Please contact Dr. German if you are interested in pursuing your PhD in Nutritional Ecology and/or Marine Biology at UCI.

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