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Spanning from the molecular to the whole-organism level, research in my laboratory is focused on the energy acquisition strategies of organisms.  In short, I am interested in understanding how organisms make a living and the consequences of different energy acquisition strategies for ecosystem fluxes.  

January 2016: Congratulations to Alyssa Braciszewski and Samantha Leigh on winning Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Grants in Aid of Research!  We had a great showing at SICB this year with four posters, and it is nice to top it off with some funding.  Samantha Leigh also won a National Geographic Society Young Explorer's Grant. Woohoo!

December 2015: Congratulations to Alyssa Braciszewski on winning admission to the new Climate Action Training Program! It was a competitive application process, so we are proud that Alyssa will be a part of this prestigious program.  We also had an amazing photo shoot with Allan Helmick Photography.  I highly recommend his services if you want pictures of any occasion.
November 2015:
Congratulations to Alyssa Braciszewski on winning the Melbourne Carriker Award from the American Malacological Society for her work on withering syndrome in abalone!  Congrats to Michelle Herrera for winning a Best Poster Presentation in Developmental Biology and Genetics at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)!

August 2015: Our paper on digestive enzyme activities in the guts of bonnethead sharks is now out in Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A. See our publications page.  

July 2015: Our paper "More than one way to be an herbivore" is now published in the journal Zoology, and Elsevier profiled it as "an important work". See their summary on their Medium page.  Our own Joe Heras has now sequenced the genome of Cebidichthys violaceus!  Stay tuned as we annotate this important contribution.

June 2015: Congrats to Beck Wehrle on winning the 2015 Grover Stephens Award!

May 2015:
Our own Samantha Leigh was filmed as part of the PBS show "Sci Girls", which is now available online here.

April 2015: Welcome to our new postdoc, Dr. Joseph Heras!  Joseph comes to us from UC Merced, where he studied the evolutionary genetics of rock fishes under the guidance of Dr. Andres Aguilar.  Congrats to Beck Wehrle for winning a Sigma Xi Grant in Aid of Research (his second time winning the award).

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