I don't know if I really have a talent, but I have been playing bass guitar for 16 years now.  I really enjoy it, and music gives me a nice release.  I have also picked up the guitar, drums, and keyboard, although I just dabble in the latter two. I still write and record music on my little 4-track at home.

From 1994-1996 I was in an Orange County, CA based rock band, UNLEDED.  We had some fun, wrote some good (and some not so good) music and played at bars/clubs/parties ranging from San Diego to Chico.  In addition to my self, members included Dominick Hirota (vocals), Frank Miller (Guitar), and Steve Sundblad (Drums/Guitar/Vocals).  Below I have 10 songs from the Unleded archive for your listening pleasure. Note, some have explicit lyrics.  You've been warned.
1994: Free (Unleded)  Utopia (S. Sundblad)  Garden_Tools (Miller/German)  Undecided (Miller/German/Hirota)  Higher (Sundblad/Hirota)  Jimmy (Sundblad)
1996: Healing of an old wound (German/Miller/Hirota)  Long Sleeper (Unleded) Leech (German/Miller/Hirota)  Jezebel (Sundblad/Hirota)

I also headed up the Soka Gakkai International - USA youth rock band in Orange County, CA from 1999-2003.  This was really an opportunity for kids of all ages and skill levels to participate in the writing and performing of songs at events ranging in attendance from 30 to over 3000.  Here, I provide two live performances of the "Lytic Cycle".  I play guitar on the first one, and bass on the second.  The other catalyst of this rock experience, Brett Caterina-Barrett, was an AMAZING musician with talent flying out of all orifices.  Unfortunately, we lost Brett in late 2004.  Musicians always seem to die young, and this was truly a loss for humanity.  I truly miss his creativity.  Thordis Myer, an amazingly talented vocalist and saxophonist is the lead on both.  These performances were recorded when she was visiting from Germany in 2002.
Be Yourself Note: that we wrote this song 1/2 hour before performing so it's a bit rough! (Myer/German)  Lytic Cycle (German/Caterina-Barrett/Filliger/Myer)

My Favorite bands are many, but I love Tool, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Jamiroquai